Born in a small village in Eastern Quebec, Newport, Gaspé, but now living in Montreal, Paul-André Larocque spent his childhood in the great outdoors, surrounded by forest and the sea. His father, also fisherman and lumberjack, taught him a virtue he will never forget and always cherish the freedom and freedom to be yourself.

Paul-André Larocque is a photographer of many talents and an artist with more than a thought. His mind is pure chaos where images and colors intertwine, but everything is in order, or what appears to be. He creates multimedia works and how it proceeds, is the result of a personal and unique approach. Recently diagnosed with ADHD syndrome, his works reflect his own state of mind; an explosion of a multitude of images, ideas and colors. A beautiful chaos.

He launched his first studio in 2003. In 2006 and 2007, he presented his first two solo exhibitions in Montreal.

Since then, Paul-André Larocque has traveled thousands of miles across the world as a journalist, a freelance photographer and art director for Mixte Magazine, his guide is freedom of expression but most importantly, fun behind the very act of photography. During his time abroad, he likes to walk, communicate with people he meets, capturing the identity of each city and getting inspired by his love for architecture and all human creations, as cars, music, food, design, architecture and street art.

In 2014, he presented his first exhibition abroad, in Sydney, Australia, in collaboration with another Canadian artist. Shortly after, during the Chromatic Festival in May 2014 in Montreal, he introduced a new series commissioned by Think Outside the Box, Sunshine pop.

In December 2014, he participated at the Spectrum Art Fair during the world renowned Miami Art Basel. Soon after, he became an artist represented by the agency Mensi Rioux Agent International.

In September 2015, he will be presenting his first show solo at the Galerie MX in Montreal.

After a two year hiatus, Paul participated at the Houston FotoFest 2018 Biennial in March 2018, making his mark to a representation by Fotorelevance.



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